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Ok I am just trying to find if there is any conklin's that live in Coweta . My great grandmother was born there on 8-22-1897 and later married a Elbert Colonel Barney . I had heard from my mom that she had some sister's that live in Coweta . My grandmother died in 2000 and I really never knew anything other than her mom was from Coweta and I was trying to see if there was any family left. Her name was Lura Lavina Sirrelda Conklin. If there is anyone that can help that would be great and if not then thanks' . Gary Dishman Telephone: 916-685-2814 Email: heritage0610@yahoo.com (07-2010)

I'm looking for a high school friend from the early '90s named Nicole (Nikki) Wheeler. I believe she has been married and would go by either Nicole Trippany or Nicole Anderson. If you know how to get in touch with her, please email. Thanks!! CHRIS DEBOW Email: cdebow@primetherapeutics.com . (06-2010)

My name is Michelle. When I was 13yrs old I came to live with Sue and Rich Karnbach. I went by the name of Christine at that time. Red hair, blue eyes, freckles, yep that me. I would call every year around my birthday and catch Sue up on the past year. About 6-7 years ago when I called, the number was no longer active. I have desperately been trying to reach her. I went to the house but it looks as though they no longer live there. I would really like to see her and unbury my time capsule which is located on that property. If anyone has any information please email me or call me. Thank you Michelle McBride Telephone: 918-855-4160 Email: bebb521@yahoo.com (06-2010)

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