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Searching for my Brother-in-laws cousin's. John Carter married my sister Mae in California some 40ish years ago. They are alive, well and anxious to find John's Cousins (now middle-aged(1.) Steve Carter and (2.)Michael Carter; sons of Forrest Carter and Connie Cherry Carter. I will forward any and all input to my sister. Happy New Year 2006 Coweta, from OKC. ROBERT THOMAS CRAWFORD silverorpheus@gmail.com (12-2005)

I would like to hear from some old pals I hung out with in school. Like Jane Mathias and Bobby Tippy. It would have been in 1984-85. I left in '87. My son Douglas was born in '86. Bobby was in the National Guard then and about to get married. Jane was with her beau. We were best friends. I hung out at her house after I ran away from home. Let me know were you are or if anyone knows. Michelle Adams SilentFanPhoto@aol.com  Calif. (12-2005)

I want to say hey to my son Douglas Record. I would very much like to hear from you. I love you, Mom Michelle Adams 714-527-2326b SilentFanPhoto@aol.com (12-2005)

I am looking for any of my relatives, my mom's maiden name was Kathy Gardner, and my father is Andy Orcutt, his dad was Dryden, and his mom was Betty Sue. I would like my daughter to know my fathers side of the family, if you have any information, please contact me at, 918-955-1013 or, my mom at her home 918-743-3093, or her cell 918-902-8096. Thank you Kandi Orcutt kandigeneorcutt25@hotmail.com (12-2005)

Hi my name is Kathleen Shepherd, but you would know me by Kathy Gardner. I am replying to a message from Violet Vermilea, or anyone that knows and remembers me I would like to know what is going on these days contact me at 918-743-3093 or 918-902-8096,or email me at kattshepherd@cox.net, I am looking forward to hearing from you. (12-2005)

Leigh Ann Hannah (Harp)- Looking for classmates from the class of 1981. I am hoping we are going to have our 25th class reunion next year. Has anybody started planning it? I would be glad to help. Please contact me at Lhannah@cox.net (12-2005)

Jerry and Irene Dressel this is my email address dandyvine@msn.com  e-mail me and let me know how everything is Dave. Dave Horn  dandyvine@msn.com (11-2005)

I just recently visited the Traveling Wall in Independedence, KS and seen several print outs posted next to the wall that gave the name of the soldier, where they died, and so on. There was a couple of them that had comments written on the bottom that said, One of the Coweta 8 + 1 on his senior trip. That just struck me as interesting and I am wanting to know more about the Coweta 8 + 1. Can you help me out, or point me in the right direction? Thank You Mandy Smith mcooper@qualitymotors.com (10-2005)

I would like to verify if the daughter of Rev. William Fredrick McIntosh is in fact the same Mary McIntosh that married my grandfather JW Draughon in 12-22-1878 Her Tombstone reads Born November 9, 1858 and died January 18,1909 I have a picture of her and she was said to be Creek. Please let me know how I might find out if this is the same person.... Respectfully Marylee Draughn Vogt Mary Lou McIntosh.......there is no other information on her..... I believe I may be a relative. I have a marriage lic. of Mary McIntosh to JW Draughon. It is from Robertson County Tenn and dated 12-22-1878. They went into Kentucky and she had 3 sons. that is where the story gets veige. They moved from Kentucky to Shelbyville MO. And had 8 more children.....The 3 boys from Kentucky moved on north when Old enough to leave....The lived just south of Barnes City Iowa. I have a news paper about the band of Indians. I lived with my grandmother as a child and saw the picture hanging in the dining room all the time and we (Kids) were NOT to touch it. when my grandmother died the picture disappeared and many years later my Aunt gave it to me with the story and that it is NEVER to leave the family. Here is the timeline. Marylee Draughn Vogt, Rayford G. Draughn, John William Draughn, Mollie (Mary) McIntosh Draughn, Rev. William Fredrick McIntosh, Chilly McIntosh, Chief Wm McIntosh. mvrn@mchsi.com (10-2005)

Am looking to contact Tince Timm about gemology questions. Please contact me garrys@proaxis.com Thanks Garry Steffy (10-2005)

I am looking for family of one Mary (MOLLIE) McIntosh born in Tenn. in 1862.  I have her tracked to Kentucky in Schochah, Logan CO. Kentucky in the 1880 Fed Cencus. I would appreciate any information you may have. Thank you for your assistance. Little Creek G. Granddaughter of Mary McIntosh. Marylee Draughn Vogt mvrn@mchsi.com (09-2005)

I am looking for my sisters Shea and Tasha bush. I just got a computer and do not know your emails. or Larry or Elisha Noble also siblings. Robyn (Bush) Dollarhyde robyndollarhyde@webtv.net (09-2005)

I am looking for Levi Boley, my ex-boyfriend from high school. Its been about 3 years but I recently had my beautiful son and heard he had a daughter and was married as well and simply miss having him as a good friend. if anyone can help me out i would appreciate it. Sometimes its just nice to reconnect with those who knew you way back when, you know? especially those who made you laugh!:) Candace Allen (McGee) candyapple0828@aol.com (09-2005)

Looking for cousin Norma Johnson, daughter of Clarence W. Brown. Please contact us! Lorinda Culpepper Telephone: 909 982-5051 lculpepp2756@msn.com (08-2005)

I was just looking at the 2000 postings. Becky Edwards-Emery's posting was the top on the list. We worked together. She was my lunch buddy. I miss hearing her talk about her family.. Rob, Rylee, and the little peanut growing inside her. She was truly a joy to be around. She kept our office in stitches all day long. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I miss and love her very much. I am sure she's up there watching over all of us right now. Tammy (Phipps) Long luvdbyj@aol.com  / gralopie@yahoo.com (08-2005)

Hi!  My name is Michelle, I live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  I am looking for the best friend I ever had.  Her name is Stacey Marie O'Rourke, but also used the last name John.  She is around 28 now, her birthday was in April.  She had a brother named Derek and a sister named Brandy.  She moved to Mississippi around 1992, lived here a while, then moved back to Oklahoma. If anyone knows of her please email me.  I've been missing her since we lost touch.  I would love to know anything!! Thanks!! Michelle McNeil quincymichelle@cableone.net (07-2005)

Anybody who went to CHS between 96-98 remember driving out to my house in the middle of nowhere to see a couple of bands play? I remember my dad came out and threatened to call the Wagoner County Sheriff. Hah! I don't remember the name of the band, but it was a guy named Doug Booth and a lanky guy whose nickname was "Supercat." Seriously, if this is ringing a bell with ANYBODY out there, drop me a line. I'd hate to think I made the whole thing up. Grant Whitesell whitesellg@barry.navy.mil (07-2005)

Hi, I graduated from Coweta in 1979. I would like to hear from Leanne Thomas, we dated when I was a Senior. I retied from the USAF last year and now work for Northrop Grumman in the Defense Industry. Thanks. J Busbice Telephone: 402-850-7676 Email: joseph.busbice@ngc.com (07-2005)

My great-aunt Eliza Hodges died in Pryor, OK, and was buried in Coweta in 1976. I am trying to find out anything I can about her. Cathy Ingle Allen Telephone: 972-931-4892 Email: berlbean@swbell.net (07-2005)

I served with a Dallis Perryman from Coweta OK. He was killed in action in Vietnam, Feb 28, 1968. I would like to establish a contact with his kin folks so as to share information with them. Pete Anthony Telephone: 724.662.2271 Email: gpanthony@pathway.net (07-2005)

Hey anybody out there remember me this is Brian Ricks the one and only. yes I am still alive and kicking hit me up if you aren't afraid 918-313-4268 catch me if you can later. gasta4life@aol.com (07-2005)

I really want to talk to Zach McCoy, so if ya'll know where he is or something, I'd really like to talk to him, just to see what he's up to. Thanks  Amber B rambler590@yahoo.com (07-2005)

Sandra Kay how are you? its been 17+ years since we left the church in Coweta how is are your brothers. ena427@umkc.edu (06-2005)

I am trying to find a Mr. Bob White who grew up in Coweta, OK. Probably graduated around 1950 and then moved to Dallas, TX. I was best man at his wedding around 1953. Would you have any information about him? Would appreciate any info you have. Thanks, Harrell Ridley oridley@varietyinternet.com (06-2005)

Hey everyone This is Eric and I'm in Afghanistan. Just wanted to say hi to everyone. Coweta High School Band is NO.1 eamckenzie@valornet.com (06-2005)

Looking for Jerry and Irene Dressel in Coweta if you know them please let them know? Dave Horn Telephone: 541-268-4920 Email: dandyvine@msn.com (06-2005)

Hey I just wanted to say hi to everybody in Coweta that I no! I moved from Coweta this year over spring break and i just wanted to say that I missed everybody in Coweta Amanda Waldroop awaldroop@qcaz.net  or LMissattitude20@aol.com (05-2005)

Looking for Mary Kay Dixon from Coweta. Taught school in the late 80's, early 90's. Jim lonestarjw@msn.com (05-2005)

Last summer I met a girl named Niki Chrisman who said she went to Coweta High School. I am very in love with her but when I got sent back to Africa she never got a hold of me. I would really like to find her. Please E me if you have any info on how to get a hold of her. I miss her. Ervin Q. Blevins damack@Yahoo.com (05-2005)

I am looking for Brandi M. Rogers. She is an old friend of my cousin. All he ever does is talk about this girl and how great of a person she is. He acts like he is still in love with her. The way he talks, she sounds perfect. Her, and her mom, Eve Rogers used to work at Jim's one stop in Coweta. I would like to find a way to contact her to get these two back in touch. I think this would mean a lot to my cousin. He does a lot for me and I would like to return the favor. Please email me if you know any information on how I could contact her. Thanks Daniel Wiley megamandanbug@yahoo.com (05-2005)

Hello Coweta! This is David Ahrens, and I am looking for anyone who is looking for me. I used to live on 121st Street and raised emus for a while. I used to coach little league hockey at the skate center. I am married now and own a house in Virginia. I have no kids yet (that I am aware of). I have been in the Army for 6 years. Currently I am stationed in Kuwait. I will be back in July or Aug hopefully. The only person that I keep in touch with is Jeremy Grifith. He is still in town. I hope that some of you will contact me. It would be nice to chat. SylvrTungDevl@cs.com  / david.j.ahrens@us.army.mil (04-2005)

My name is Tiffany Dillard. I'm from Lexington, South Carolina. I was doing a search on my last name, Dillard. The search brought me to a person whom I had a lot in common with. His name is Matt Dillard. He is from Coweta, Oklahoma. If anybody knows how I could contact him, please e-mail me and let me know. I would really like to get in touch with him. Thanks so much. Sincerely, Tiffany Dillard shorty6483@msn.com (04-2005)


Looking for the former Beverly Blevins Tuttle. Possibly now married to a Coweta Fire Fighter. We are trying to locate her to notify her of her class reunion from East Central High School in Tulsa. Linda Ryburn Mazur lmazur@ou.edu (04-2005)

I am looking for Sandy Harris Young...she is suppose to be the great granddaughter of Kizziah Reddy sister to my great grandmother Maggie Reddy. Can I please hear from you again, as you were in touch with my cousin J Cooper. btscooper918@people.com (04-2005)

My name is Robbyne SIlkey (Thurman) i graduated in 94 from CHS. I am looking for Sam Burger. He was a friend of mine in 97, if you could please contact me with any information about his whereabouts I would be very appreciative. Thank you! Robbyne_silk@yahoo.com (04-2005)

Lived in Coweta until I was in the 4th grade. Would like to speak with anyone who can remember me Mary Beth Wortham (Deneumoustier now) Moved to Delaware!! I had a close friend by the name of Amy Clouse that I lost contact with after the move. I heard she moved not long after me. Would really like to hear from some old friends!! Nola Churchman was a good friend as well!! Mary Beth Deneumoustier marybethmike0105@aol.com (03-2005)

Hey, If anyone knows where Stephen A. Smith is located let me know. I have lost contact with him and his parents (Gene Smith) over the years and would like to write him. Alan Carlson alan.lee.carlson@us.army.mil (02-2005)

I am looking for Carissa Robbins or TK Robbins or how to get in touch with them. I'm also looking for my close friends from the Class of '98 that I lost contact with. Feel free to email me. Wes Spears wes_spears@netzero.com (02-2005)

This is Matthew Barrett. I'm looking for any of my old buddies from Coweta. I lived there from 1991-1997. Since then I've been in the Navy. Right now I live in Jacksonville, FL. and am married. Just trying to get in touch with some old friends. Am currently on deployment, but should be back in early June. Hope to hear from some one. mb1979@bellsouth.net (01-2005)

Are there any Beenes left in Coweta that are related to my parents, Gerald and Alice (maiden-Phenis), or to my grandparents, Arthur Lee Beene and Lotha (maiden-McIntosh)? e-mail me at Keith Beene odcfresno@yahoo.com (01-2005)

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