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Hello, my gr gr grandmother was Mary Mclntosh , from Coweta . abt 1830-1840's . she had an dau. name Rachael and son name Anderson. she was married to Henry Mcintosh. if these names sound familiar . please contact me. Karla Dotson 9186871093  dooniedoonie@yahoo.com (04-2010)

We are looking for the lady who used to own creating keepsakes porcelain doll studio. we understand she now works out of her home. we would like to get in touch with her. we want to discuss making teddy bears from old coats. Thanks Julie Benson paulandjuliebenson@cox.net (12-2009)

I am looking for Berry or Barry Armstrong. In 2001 he lived in Big Cabin but I think he moved to Coweta sometime after we lost contact. Until 2001 he worked in Missouri and Lived in OK and stayed at the motel I worked at. He is very missed. april.dobson@mchsi.com (10-2009)

I am looking for a woman that is a Mini Wire Haired Doxie breeder her last name is 'Loyd'. I saw one of her puppies with a lady in Pet smart. The lady said she lived in Coweta and her last name was 'Loyd. d.wilbon@cox.net (10-2009)

Looking for Darren Voyles that lived in Dawsonville, GA for a few years in middle school. He would have graduated in 1995 ...lived in Dawsonville in 7th & 8th grade I think...Tim Hamby is looking for you. Please respond if you know how to contact him. thanks! jpelfrey1@windstream.net (09-2009)

64 grads, ISABEL BURCHETT Also, in search of Clara Louise Cardin Watson/Victory decedents. Does anyone remember the old man, named Pat, used to sit on the steps on the north side of Sanders grocery years ago? Hello to all Coweta Vietnam vets. Remember the good, let JESUS HEAL YOU OF THE HORRIBLE Kenneth Watson 918-775-2512 prouddadof5kids@diamondnet.us (09-2009)

Looking for  Bobbie Faye meadows born in Coweta Oklahoma 8/13/26  grandmother raised on Indian reservation in Oklahoma name Carrie Barnes born in Oklahoma married name Carrie meadows she married a James meadows  this is all I have to go by thought this site might help thank you for your time  blessings Michele Barnes. barnes@earthlink.net (08-2009)

I am looking for a very good friend named Melissa Kingsbury Anyone with info on how to contact her please get the two of us contacted I really and truly miss her a lot. Me have a lot to catch up on. loopercoweta@aol.com 918 695 1699 (07-2009)

I am looking for a John F. Rogers or Robinson that was born approximately 1978, on Feb. 25 to a Terry or Terri Robinson of West Winfield NY. Please contact me it is very important. Thank you. sharlie04@frontiernet.net Phone: 607-842-6579 (07-2009)

Looking for Deborah Ann Goforth (Sowers) ? Opal (Boone) Testerman. opalt56@hotmail.com (03-2009)

Has anyone seen a guy by the name of Seth McIntosh?? All I have to say is...WOW!!!! Gorgeous!!! I saw him at the airport flying out of Tulsa. We spoke briefly and I never was able to get any contact info. I know he lives out of state. NY maybe?? He graduated around '97 or '98? Does anyone know how to get a hold of him or know anyone that would??? Melissa melissaj2249@yahoo.com (03-2009)

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