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Hello all, this is Becky Edwards( Now Emery) class of 1997, my e-mail address is cupdalefans@aol.com , I would love to hear from some of my old classmates (12-2000)

My name is Mike Pearson. I am trying to contact Steve Garmen Jr. he has a sister Stacey. Steve was my best friend when we were kids. Please E-Mail me at officer_mpearson@yahoo.com. (12-2000)

Hi My name is David Earl. I would have graduated in 79 but left in 72.A few of my friends were David Childress, George Foster, Hoss Hopping, Duane Harp, Ricky Davis, Scott Davis ,and many more including some wonderful girls. I'm gone but never forgot any of you. missy@intellex.com (12-2000)

I am trying to find an old friend who used to go by Gwen McClary. Her dad was Tom McClary. They used to have a lot of family in the Coweta area, and now I can't find any of them. The last I heard, Gwen was living in Sunbury OH. If you can help, please email me at: Sembers@msn.com (11-2000)

Looking for a old friend that graduated with me SY 1982. Leslie Sarty, She can respond back to me from Germany. My e-mail address is Kimberly_Washington@eu.odedodea.edu . She may know me by the last name of Kim Manns.(11-2000)

I'm seeking information regarding the Charles and Sallie (Lackey) Willis family who moved to the Coweta area in approximately 1900.  Family members lived in the area until approximately the 1940's or later.  Charles and Sallie had the following children:  Hosea, Norma, Gussie, Luther, Rosie, Vashti, Mary and Charles Jr. If you have information on this family please contact B. Harris at bharri69@idt.net (09-00)

I am searching for Shelby Bryan who graduated from OU in 1984 with an Elementary Education degree. She was married to Rick Bryan who played football for OU and the Atlanta Falcons. I am her friend from college, Dianne Cullen. I would love to get her phone number or she could e-mail or call me:(405)381-2583 Home (405)381-2368 School I would love to talk to her. Thanks! DiHudd@aol.com (09-00)

I am looking for Tonya Myers  who graduated in 1989 at Coweta High School. If you know how I can get in contact with her please email me at Sithlord2@usa.net. My name is Tom Young III, son of Tom Young. Thanks. (08-00)

Hello,  I used to live in Coweta.  my name is violet. My mother's name is Juanita Freeman. My brothers names: Tony, Danny, Columbus, my sisters Leota, Kathy, Cheryl, Rachel & Mona Freeman. violet ljbvmb@gte.net p.s. I'm also wondering if Mike & Robert Snell still live in Coweta.(08-00)

I am doing research on my dads' side of the family (Capps) out of Kirksville, Mo. or Stahl, Mo.  His great-grandfather was adopted by a ads Lucretia Capps. She was a widow and took in several orphaned children. Any info. would help me a lot. send e-mail : sue@hcil.net (07-00)

Hi, my name is Tracie Behlke.  I used to be Tracie Alm, and I lived in Coweta about ten years ago.  I'm looking for any old friends, particularly Leigha Garrett (or her married name).  My e-mail address is robert_behlke@prodigy.net. (That's my husbands e-mail, but I can get my e-mail here too.)  Hope to hear from some old friends.(07-00)

Looking for Toby Chambers, he at the time was my best friend and over the years lost touch. as well as any Grads from the 1981-1982 school year I am Bryan Booth known in school as Rex Booth, My email is BBooth@sjmc.org, or BryanBooth@aol.com (07-00)

I went to Coweta School's during much of my teen years and had a friend by the name of Jodi Woods, she had relatives cousins I think that lived out towards Haskell and ran a dairy farm. She was a truly dear friend and I would love to find her I don't remember the mothers name possibly Deanna and her sisters name was Pam. If she graduated from Coweta it she would have been in the class of 1983. If anyone has info on how to contact her please email me at cdbaker1999@yahoo.com. My name then was Cyndi Mason, Thanks Cyndi Baker (06-00)

Looking for information on Henry Lynn Caldwell born Feb 16, 1893, IL died in Coweta, OK Sept. 22, 1969. Buried in Vernon Cemetery. Where is Vernon Cemetery. Betty L. Capps bkellick@mvn.net (05-00)

I am looking for the names maybe spelled fridell friddell fredell. (I need your e-mail address so I can post it with you e-mail). (05-00)

Hello. I'm looking for a guy by the name of Kevan Loving. His wife is Thesa Loving and I heard that she is a school teacher there in Coweta. If anyone could provide some information as to where he could be contacted, it would be greatly appreciated. I have not spoken to him in some time and really need to. My e-mail address is jedi@clnk.com . Hope to hear from someone. Thank You for your time.(05-00)

Hello.  I'm looking for old friends.  My name is Mike Alm and I now live in Columbus, Ohio.  I grew up in Coweta but moved in the summer of 1990. I played football, and I'm very happy to see that Coach McHenry is still in charge.  I'm looking for any old friends.  My e-mail address is
mike.alm@juno.com Hope to hear from you.(04-00)

Searching for Tina Barton, last I knew she was working as a dispatcher for the Coweta Police Dept. I am an old friend of hers from Tulsa. If it helps, she was married to a Rod Mackey when she lived in Tulsa, several years ago. If anyone knows her, please pass on the following email address: dbl_bogey@hotmail.com Thanks! (03-00)

I looking for Carmen Suarez, her born in Coronal Paregoric, she has birth mark in her face, the last contact was in 250 east and 112th. in New York City apt 5-d.she has 55 years or less, the Carmen weight is 135 pounds, she is white, the hair is may be black and long, her sisters names in Ramona and noemi Suarez, the daughter name is jinnee suarezthe husband name is Elois Esposito Nieves. My name=Miguel Santiago[el Gallito de Ponce] my phone number is this-201-653-5903, my address is this one 56 saint Paul Ave. Jersey City New Jersey 07306 well thank for any help ok. (03-00)

Hi Coweta, I have been trying to find where my grandfather is buried. Its some where in Coweta. His name is John Linford Besson. He is buried along with his infant daughter .He died around 1915 and was buried in Coweta. If you have any information as to which cemetery. Any information would be helpful. I live in Michigan. Merl Besson E-Mail mbesson@iserv.net thank you.( 03-00)

Thanks for the visit here. I was actually trying to locate Anthony Douglas Underhill, last known address was in Wagoner. But, when I clicked on there, it brought me to this page. Hopefully the towns/cities are close and someone can help me. The last phone number that we had for him seems to have been changed sometime this year (since it is still listed in the '99 book). Thanks blueeyes@tvec.net (03-00)

Searching for Anthony Douglas Underhill. Last known living with wife (Tammy) and son (Dylan) If you have any information concerning Tony, please email us at: blueeyes@tvec.net . Thanks (02-00)

Searching for Brandon Carr and his cousin Nick Gregory and Nick's friend that Brandon danced with at Nick's party!! Please find him and give him the message that we are looking for him and for him to email us as soon as possible at blink__13@hotmail.com (02-00)

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Freeman Marshall? He is of native American descent and is around 70 years old. He was a friend of my family during world war II when he was based at Dorchester, Oxford shire in England. He would be in his 70s now and was a cook in the 8th Army Air Force. His friends in England would dearly love to get back in touch if you have any info, please e-mail me at lucygrimster@hotmail.com (02-00)

Hi! I am looking for any other grads from 1985. Would love to talk to any of my old classmates. My name used to be Diana Dominey (now Porter). I am still married to Jeff Porter, also a 1985 grad. dporter@wt.net (02-00)

Hi my name is Bridget Michelle Morris and I'm looking for Danny Kelly. I left Coweta about 13 years ago and would like to find him thanks bridgetivy@hotmail.com(02-00)

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