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My name is John Graham, son of Jack Irving Graham. Jack grew up in Coweta, OK with his sister Florine. He also had a brother named Edward that passed away in his 30s? Jack's mother was named was Pearl and I think his father was named Irving? I know that his father owned and operated Graham Grocery in Coweta in the early 1900s. Jack later moved to Farmington, NM and then to Monroe, LA where he lived until he passed away on 8/21/83. I am trying to find anyone with information about Florine and family - or The Graham family in general. You may contact me via email groove425@yahoo.com. Thank you-John E Graham (12-2006)

I was raised in Coweta my parents still live there. I am looking for Dennis Dayton we lost touch after my son was born in 1993. We dated in high school, just want to touch base with him We were in band together and just wanted to hear from him you can email me at sparkyparky01@yahoo.com Tammy Woodward Stacy (12-2006)

Anyone out there know of a Jessica Marie Kelley or Stephen William Kelley. They used to be my step-children about 5 years ago. Their mother and I divorced and I moved to Florida. Last I heard they were living with their natural father and step-mother in Coweta. I just want to know they are ok. I have been thinking about them a lot lately. I send my love. Mike Gallagher gallagher.mike.d@gmail.com (12-2006)

I attended Coweta High School 1974/75. During that brief time I had a friend named Deanna Murry. I want her to know she was one of the nicest people I ever knew. In a time when most teenage girls play games with friendships, hers was the most genuine of anyone I remember. Kris Smith kristie-smith@sbcglobal.net (11-2006)

I am trying to contact a lady. Her maiden name is Ginger Wilson. I have been searching for her awhile now. If anyone can help me. E-mail me at lt_rwtsbabe@yahoo.com  Joanie Thomasson (11-2006)


Hi, my name is Mindy Overman some may know me as Melinda. I am looking for an old friend of mine who I was real close to while I was younger. Her name is Tammie Dawn Green, she has a brother by the name of Danny I believe. She is approximately 21 and has green eyes. It's been about 8 or 9 years since I've seen her please contact me. minnyjo918@yahoo.com (10-2006)

Looking for Don Davis Rt 3 Box 2-15 Coweta, Oklahoma 74429 or Don Davis 904 S Ave F Coweta Oklahoma 74429 Contact Mary Browning 2520 Payne Circle East Colorado Springs, CO 80916. stuart_b83@yahoo.com (09-2006)

I am looking for information re: a Coonce family that died in their home way back when during a winter blizzard.  I was told that it was in the newspaper at one time.  I was told that it was a husband and wife that froze to death maybe earlier than the 60's.  Also would like any info on Rebecca Jane Coonce buried in Coweta DOB JUNE 10 1880; DOD Sept 11 1964 and /or her husband Alfred Coonce. Sandra Coonce Whaley Email:skcw54@sbcglobal.net (09-2006)

Hello to all and what a wonderful website!! I am Francis Nooner. I am looking for Brandi Nicole Roach, she may be married now. We graduated in 1997 and she has really been on my mind.. Her mother is Cathy Martin and Step-Dad is David Martin im not sure if they even still live in Coweta either. If you have info or just want to chat with Adam or I please e-mail us at afrma98@crosstel.net (09-2006)

My name is Maria Rodrigues and I am looking for my niece Deborah Lynn Joslin. The last time my family has seen her was when she was 2 years old. She is now 23. Her birthday is 10-15-82. Her mother name is Beth Ann Joslin. We have been looking for Deborah for a long time now and we are ready for her to come home. We love and miss her very much. Her father Dommy Rodrigues also wants to know how she is and does she have any kids. So if you can please help her come home. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts. Maria Rodrigues. little_mommy1230@yahoo.com (09-2006)

Hello COWETA! This is Anjeev, and I am looking for anyone who is looking for me. I used to help Peter at his gas station on Hwy 51 for a while (Jan 2005 to March 2005) and finally left for Dallas TX for my masters. I am in my home country in India now. WOW. I will be back in Jan 2007 hopefully. Aron at Wal-Mart, Jennifer, David the painter, and my sweet heart aunt at the liquor shop( I hope she is heeling well ..god bless you), AND ALL OF YOU. You were real nice people. I just wanted say that I miss and love you all. I hope that some of you will contact me. It would be nice to chat. anjiv2004@yahoo.com  / +919811831119. (09-2006)

Looking for Paula (Lowe) Wagner. I am still in Sunnyside, WA at the winery. Annabella Parker annabella_parker@excite.com (08-2006)

Hi I'm looking for my auntie who was adopted at birth we have all been thinking of her for so long and need to find her. her name was Perl Docherty name she was giving at birth it could well have been changed by now she would be 34/35/36 yrs of age and she was born in Mayfield Edinburgh if u know her or this is her please get in touch we want to hear from u ? magz22@hotmail.co.uk (08-2006)

I am looking for two former friends. These ladies would have graduated in 1993. Katrina Cook and Nikki Sweetland. I moved to West Virginia in the spring of '90. Unfortunately we lost contact. I would like to regain contact. Please call me or email me. Carolyn Ramsey-Loyd Daddysoilmoney@aol.com (08-2006)

I attended grammar school in Coweta my first, second, third and fourth grades. My family moved to Southern California in 1944, I was 10 years old and my sister Edna Cashion was a sophomore/junior in high school. I remember Caldwell family, Bruce Family, Langston Family, Don Dunn, If anyone recognizes my name or family name...please send me an e-mail using COWETA as the subject! thank you. Bettie Cashion sparks2@dslextreme.com (07-2006)

I'm looking for Nick Griffith who graduated in 2002. If anyone knows how to contact him, please e-mail me. Thanks. Lindsay McCarty blindhem@gmail.com (06-2006)

I am looking for Floyd Cantrell. If anyone knows how to contact him please let me know. Thanks!  Terri terri_jmc@valornet.com (06-2006)

Hello, my name is Angel Meadors. I live in Bullhead City, Arizona. I am trying to locate Johnny Meadors (brother of Tommy Meadors). If anyone knows how I can get in touch with him or his wife Karen, please let me know. Thank You. angelmeadors@amazinggraceintl.org (05-2006)

Hey my name is Trisha I live in Coweta and i am looking for an old friend.. i heard that she is a around just haven't seen her and really looking forward to see her. her name is Savanna potter. she should be about 18 years old! the last time i have heard she was a around she was at B.A. Wal-Mart on elm... hoping to see here and talk to here love always Trisha trisha_moore29@yahoo.com (05-2006)

My name is Brette McIntosh Coweta H.S. 1976 to 1978 My good friend Nanc Corbridge passed away on 3/13/06 for more info contact me. macchem@sbc.net (04-2006)

Hi to everyone. I'm not a graduate of your school but I'm looking for someone who might've gone here. His name is Mathias Wessinger he should be around early 30's now. The last we heard of him he was staying in Honolulu. He's about 6 foot. blonde hair. he has two different eye color one side green one side brown. I don't know if he still has his mohawk or not. Surfs quite a bit. if you have anyone u know that fits that description pls contact me at this email add thank you so much. Elly e11e00@yahoo.com (04-2006)

I am looking for anyone that knows anything about the Blue Star Dairy that was Coweta in 1961. We were living at the dairy and my father worked for the people that owned it. My grandmother was with us and our mom and dad left us. The sheriff and DHS came and got us in Oct. 1961.There were 6 kids. Any info is welcomed. Paula Uzzel Telephone: 580-795-4911 Email: p_uzzel@hotmail.com (03-2006)

Lived in the Coweta area from 1972-1985. Would like to get in contact with old buddies. Will Thomasson  lt_rwt@yahoo.com (03-2006)

Looking for any of the LANTZ family, for my family Genealogy. George E. Huntsman EHuntsmans9mm@aol.com (03-2006)

I am a genealogist/writer/historian currently working on the history of the Hopping family. I recently came across a mention of a Mr."Hoss" Hopping on this website. Making the guess that "Hoss" is indeed his nickname, I must ask anyone if they recall his actual given name. Though I am slightly curious, I will refrain from asking why he was called "Hoss." editor@brazospie.com (03-2006)

Hi - I'm looking for an old friend, named Gordon Gregory, or any info on him or his family. He is also related to Teddy Kellar, if anyone has any info please contact me, thanks.  Kathy Gardner (Shepherd) kattshepherd@cox.net (02-2006)

I just want to say Happy New Year to all of my old friends in Coweta. Kathleen Gardner-Shepherd kattshepherd@cox.net (01-2006)

My name is Sean T. Johnson and I am looking for any old friends that still remember me. I would have graduated in 1990 - my sister, Carmen Johnson, graduated in 1989. I am just looking to hear from anybody from the past. sjohnson@lcisp.com (1-2006)

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