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Lee Coffee-Just wanted to say Hi to everyone. I lived in Coweta from 1976 to 1982. We lived up on "Housen Hill" off of the Farm to Market Road. Just wanted to updated my information for anyone wanting to get in contact with me. I use to run around with Ricky Corbrdge, Nelson Durfy, Jamie Wilkerson, and a few other.. I also use to hang out with David Cook, our freshman year. I would like to hear from anyone who still is around the area, or knows how to contact some of our old running buddies. Email: acoffee@swfla.rr.com (12-2004)

Would love to find the Woodruff family. Also the Del Tora & Garner family! Please Kristin Barbiekmb@yahoo.com (11-2004)

I am looking for info on my great great grandparents. Leonard G. Beck and Lizzy D. Quillen. They where married at Coweta in 1900. anyone with info on them please contact me at lilbitok@aol.com  or 918-462-3691 I'm trying to trace my family history. (09-2004)

Hello I am looking for information on Leonard and Lizzy Beck. They are my great great grandparents. Lizzy's maiden name was Quillen. I was told that Leonard owned part of Coweta at one time. They were married in 1900 in Indian territory now Coweta. If anyone has any information on either one of them it would be greatly appreciated. Debra Wheeler lilbitok@aol.com (09-2004)

Hello, I'm looking for info. about Rev. Jim Childress, in Coweta , Okla. I'll send you my address if he will mail me it will be greatly appreciated. It's about the revival in MO. Thank You Goldie Sims Praise and Worship Leader Full Gospel Mission Church Anutt MO goldiesims@earthlink.net (08-2004)

We are looking for our son Jimmy Price. The last we heard he lived in Coweta with his wife Tammy and 3 children. It has been almost 3 years since we last heard from him and this is the last known information we have. Any information on his whereabouts would be greatly appreciated. Bill and Sharon Price billpricejr@aol.com (07-2004)

Hey, looking for an old pal, last name is Wagoner, I can't remember his first name anyone can think of it or has seen him e-mail me chow. Robin javamacaquemom@yahoo.com (07-2004)

I wanted to know how Shawna Hatfield was doing i haven't seen her in over 10 years she was my buddy and i really miss her so if anyone knows how to get in contact with here please let her know how to contact me thank im currently living in Dallas. again thanks Contina Rice. msrice123173@yahoo.com (07-2004)

I am looking for Danny Kelly. He lived in Bixby and Coweta back in the last 80's early 90's. If anyone knows how to reach him, please let me know thanks. Michelle Morris justinandbridget@hotmail.com (06-2004)

I'm looking for someone by the name of James Rosser, if anyone knows where I can find him please let me know. He used to be a real good friend of mine and now I can't find him anywhere. I think I was able to trace him to living in Tulsa somewhere but I'm not certain. Eric McKenzie eamckenzie@surfbest.net (06-2004)

Looking for Jerry and Irene Dressel want to see what's up in you life. Love to hear from you thanks Dave Horn
Telephone: 541-268-4920 Email: dandyvine@harborside.com (05-2004)

Vickie or Ron Cody. I need to talk to you please email me if you read this. It is important! Jenniffer greeneyedprincess1802@yahoo.com (05-2004)

I moved from Coweta 3 years ago and lost one of my very close friends her name is Miranda Wilson if you have any info please contact me at JcrzydrmrJ@aol.com  thank you!!!! Jordan Woodward (04-2004)

Looking for Aline S. Cochran, or anyone who know where to locate her. Gilles Hamilton maryann.hamilton@labarge.com (04-2004)

We are looking for Jay Hanchette, graduate of the 1949 class in Sherman, Texas. His last address was 3635 N. Timber Ridge Rd. Any information would be appreciated. Don Hudgeons Telephone: 903 893-0440 Email: dondot@gte.net (04-2004)

Looking for any descendants of E.L. and Lula Peters Barber, founding family of Red Bird. We are the descendants of Lodia Barber Whitmore Adams, sister of E.L. Barber. Shirley Whitmore  Email: shirleyroot2@yahoo.com (04-2004)

This is an update to my mother's posting. Her name is Phyllis Jean Roberts, she was born in Coweta to Ruben Roberts and Wanda Yvonne Parker. She is looking for any information on her father Ruben and his family. His father's name was William E. Roberts Jr. and his mother's name was Minnie Mae Roberts. William's parents were William E. Roberts Sr and Callie Roberts. Anyone with information on this family please contact us, it is very important to us to reconnect with the family. Danny Hall Email: tristan_covenant@yahoo.com (02-2004)

My biological fathers name was Ruben Roberts. He was born in Oklahoma. Approx. age now would be early 70's. I had an uncle named Jack. I also remember a family member by that I called aunt Aliene. We as children slept on her screened porch. If anyone knows anything it would be appreciated. Phyllis Jean Roberts Email: ladyunique2000@msn.com (02-2004)

In Loving Memory of Paul G. Mader 8-27-53 to 10-31-03 My dad lived in Coweta form the early seventies until 1989. He worked at The Smiths sod farm...He also lived with them. He married Jackie "Sue" Bell in 1975.He had 2 children, Myself, Kristy G. Mader and my brother, Paul G. Mader II. I Love you daddy.! See you soon... Kristy G. Mader kgmader@hotmail.com (01-2004)

Hey friends and enemies...I LOVE COWETA! GO TIGERS! Anyways nowadays I work at the bag factory in Houston...yea that's right I MAKE PAPER BAGS. Really. Hopefully I'll move up to shift manager soon; at least I hope so for the missus and babies(3!). I was looking for my good buddy Adam Hetherington...last I heard he was wearing all black and sitting in the dark. The reason I'm looking for him is that he owes me 34$ and I really need it. REALLY! And how about Tyler Jones? I heard he was giving stand up comedy a shot?! WOW! And where is Cozetta Yandale? Anyway anyone who knew and loved me give me a ring or an email. Chris R Hoover Pasteyone@valornet.com (01-2004)

I had a friend, Clint Adams, that went to OSU during the early 1980's. He drove a big green car that he call the 'Clintstone Mobile', like 'Flintstone Mobile'. Terry O'Connell terry.oconnell@eds.com (01-2004)

I am the grandson of Floyd and Addie Cole, and the nephew of Floyd Liston. I would like to know a little more about uncle "red" if anyone knows. where he was born and where. thanks much Greg. grcole2@cox.net  (01-2004)

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