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HI am looking for anyone from class of "84"....I am T. Ford from the class ...would like to talk to all my old friends and class mates......T. Hefley hefley@geotec.net (11-99)  

Last fall I was on a mission trip with my church from Virginia.  We worked on Davis Chapel in Coweta.  It should be finished by now and I would love to see how it looks.  If you know someone who goes there or if you could take a picture and scan it to me, I would really appreciate it.  Many thanks!!  We loved your town!! Debbie Lewis DebraLee2@aol.com (11-99)

My name is CHARLES BELL and I was born in Coweta in 1937. My grandfather was also named Charles and is buried in the Vernon Cemetery. I have lost contact with many of my cousins and I would like to know the location of PAT COGBURN or any of the Cogburn brothers & sisters. Charles Bell LTCBELL@AOL.COM (11-99)

I have been looking for 29 years. I never see her any more the last address was in 250 East 112St. and Second Ave. This address was in housing authority of NY . Her daughter name is jinnete or jannete she coming from corozal puertorico she has two sister, noemi & ramona suarez. Ok thank you. I hope you can help me finder her thanks again mgprrs@webtv.net (08-99)

My name is Carmon, I'm 16 years old. I use to live in Coweta about 4 1/2 years ago. I'm looking for my best friend in 5th grade. Her name was Jamie Hawpe, I'm not sure on the spelling of the last name. She had some older brothers and her mom was a secretary. Any information on her is greatly appreciated or if anyone remembers me I would like to contact them.  my email address is carmon_j@hotmail.com.   Thanks. (07-99)

Am looking for DUANE GAY. He has lived in Coweta all of his life and would be in his early 50's now. My name is JIM GILKISON and I am his cousin. I haven't seen or heard from DUANE in 30 years and would like to make contact and catch up on family. My E-Mail is jgilkison@aol.com (07-99)

I am searching for a friend whose parents lived in Coweta. We attended college together. He was living in married housing with his girlfriend and her kids. Would love to hear from either of them. If you know the whereabouts of :(RC) Richard Colin Munson or Sandra Cochran please email me at:chevy_babe27@hotmail.com (07-99)

Hello my name is Lori Hill I graduated Coweta High School in 1980 at the time my name was Lori Moffitt I am searching for any of the graduates of that class. Specific people I would love to hear from in addition to anyone else that would like to e-mail me are Beverly Pfrimmer, Donna Childress, Helen Stringer, Carol Thomas, Leah and Tracey Potter and Nancy Corbridge. I would also like any information pertaining to a 20 year High School reunion if one is in the planning stages or soon to be. Thank you for any assistance that you can give me. My e-mail address is KELAHILL12@aol.com. As I stated before I would love to hear from anyone in the Class of 1980. Sincerely, Lori Hill (05-99)

My name is Mack Holland of Denver Co. I am doing research on my family history. Most of my relatives were buried in a cemetery near Jackson Grove Baptist church. I know there is a cemetery adjacent to the church, but the one I am interested in was formally called Carr Cemetery ( approx. So West ) of the existing church. My question is , where can I find any documents on burial records for that old cemetery. I would appreciate any help, references, leads, or any information you could provide me. Thanks  Sincerely mack.holland@state.co.us (05/99)

Does anyone know the whereabouts or contact information for Bob and Kay Pletcher? Bob was the elementary school principal back in the 1970s and Kay taught elementary art. Their youngest son's name was Chris, and I think he graduated from high school while they were still in Coweta. If you have any info, please e-mail me at sewellk@unt.edu. or mail at  Dr. Kenneth W. Sewell Clinical Psychologist Associate Professor and Director of Clinical Training Department of Psychology P.O. Box 311280 University of North Texas Denton, Texas 76203-1280 USA Telephone (940) 565-2640 (05/99)

I am Becky Pearson, and left Coweta in 1986.   I lived in Big Valley and attended Central Elementary School. I have been trying to find my best friend from 3rd & 4th grade - Elisha Noble.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  lindapea@bellsouth.net (04/99)

My name is Alicia Medeiros, and I am looking for a very special friend of mine. I last saw her when I was in the sixth grade. I have done every search I could on the internet and have come up with an address and phone number. Her name is Stephanie Renee Cathcart, her last address I have is Rr2 in Coweta. If anyone knows her I would love to get in contact with her, I'm now 20 and would love to hear from her. I am looking for her e-mail address, so I could quickly get a hold of her. She would be 20 now. Please help.E-mail me at aliciamed@yahoo.com .Thank You, Alicia Marie Medeiros. (04-99)

Hi, I'm looking for the Schnecks. Tom, Glenda, Otto and Nathan. My family and I lived in Coweta several years ago and would like to talk to old friends again. Also looking for Clayton Speaks, and Carol Watkins. E-Mail me guys at wagnerak@erinet.com Thanks Kim Honchul (03-99)

I am Butch D'Alesandro and I am looking for Ashley Lowery and the rest of the Class of 96! I am in the Navy and in Spain and just wondering what the rest of my class is doing. Drop me a line and chat! Email me at drewdalesandro@yahoo.com (03-99)

My name is Jeremiah Friddell. I lived in Coweta for about 5 years from 1980-1985. I was in the 3rd. Grade, 8 years old and went to Northwest Elementary. I'm looking for my old buddies, Matt Barlow, Bo Cherry, Jason Long, and Stephen Farmer. If you know of these people, please let me know. Jeremiah Friddell Agricultural Engineering jfrid@agen.tamu.edu (409)-691-2742 Fighting' Texas Aggie Class of 1999 Whooooop!(2-99)

I lived in Coweta many years ago. We left 13 years ago. I have lost track of some dear friends. PLEASE, some one help me find Dave and Cindy Crockett. My name at the time was Nancy Holbert. I can be contacted at NanSoileau@juno.com (1-99)

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