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Helping Out A Neighbor? With Questions & Answers! Posted 07 To 12 2001

23. When does Coweta schools start back up for 2001-2002? do you have a school day's out calendar?

(A) School starts August 16, 2001.The 2001-2001 School Day Calendar coming soon to the school's web site. (here) at Cowetaok.com (07-2001)

24. We just moved to Coweta last month from out of state. My husband and I really love living in this small community and are excited to see what kinds of small town things go on here. Can you tell me if Coweta does anything for the Halloween and Christmas Seasons? Also, does Coweta have anything available for teenagers? Just one more question, does Coweta have a city directory and where can I get one. The phone book is on back order? (10-2001)


25. I would like to locate a copy of the book "A Look at Wagoner County" published by the Wagoner County Historical Society in 1980. (10-2001)


26.When will Coweta have a connection faster than 56k?
The library runs off of a T1 line, but there are no cable companies or dsl providers, that provide that access in this area that I can find. If there is something of that sort, that I don't know about. (12-2001)


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