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Helping Out A Neighbor? With Questions & Answers! Posted 07 To 12 2000

17.My husband and I are here in Texas. Sometime in the next couple of months we are going to Coweta, and was hoping to find a nice, affordable, RV or Mobile Park to park our travel trailer. The trailer is 39ft long w/50amp hook-up. Does this town have those kind of facility's?(10-00)


16.Could you please tell me about Variations on Hwy 51 next to the car wash. Have you heard anything about it? Would you like your 16 year old child go there??  I need some input please!! (09-00)

(A) I wouldn't let my kids go there!!!! I've heard some pretty bad things about it.

(A) Well if you have heard bad things about it then you should have went on in yourself and checked it out, I have a friend who play's in a band and they played at Variation's several time's and it was always a lot of fun to go see all the different bands. I even took my 14 year old daughter who looks 21 and she was quickly asked for an I.D. and when she failed to produce one she was stamped under 21 so she could not purchase beer. Nothing bad about the place in my book. (10-2002)

15.I would like to obtain a schedule for the girls soccer teams that play in Coweta. How may I obtain one?  Who could I contact ? (09-00)

(A) The schedule will not be ready till' December 2000. When ready, it will be post in the Coweta School's web site. I Can not contact you with out a e-mail address. (08-00)

14.Hello,  I'm looking for information concerning my brother's death  in the mid 70's (1976-1978) in Coweta.  he was killed by Mike (Micheal) Snell (Robert Snell's son).  my brother's name is Herland "Raymond" Trammell. thank you violet ljbvmb@gte.net (08-00)


13.I'm volunteer with keeshond rescue - A friend of mine who lives in Coweta adopted a dog from our group that unfortunately got out of his yard during some thunderstorms - he's an older keeshond boy - he was spotted last week - he did have tags on with an Arlington Texas vet, but I don't know if he's lost the tags or not -I'd be glad to forward a photo of him - if that would help - if anyone around there has seen him - or would perhaps keep an eye out for him-I'd really appreciate it -Dan Defrank - keeshond rescue - Arlington Texas - 817.483.6667 - nickelsd1@netzero.net (08-00)


12.Will the Fall Festival ever be held downtown again where it belongs?  Last year was the first year in over 15 or so years I have not gone because of its location. (07-00)

(A) Regarding Fall Festival...I hope you have made it to the previous years...2002 and 2003. They've been held downtown. If you haven't come next year and enjoy! 2004 Historic and Alive Downtown!(10-03)

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