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36. I need a place to rent in Coweta. I have 2 little boy's (a 3 year old and a 1 year old). I can't afford a lot so if you know of a place cheap, please let me know. I need one soon. Thanks!! (12-2008)


35. Need some advise I know a needy family who needs help 4 Christmas is there any assist in Coweta? (11-2008)


34. Where do you register to vote if you live in Coweta? (09-2008)

(A) Voter registration applications are available at most post offices, tag agencies and at the Wagoner County Election Board office at 208 N. Lee in Wagoner. Friday, Oct. 10, 2008 is the last day to apply for voter registration to vote in that election.

(A) To apply for an application online, go to www.elections.state.ok.us

33. Does anyone know of a good internet service provider? We currently have windstream and it is very slow and goes off line frequently. We do a lot of business from our home and need fast and reliable service.(08-2008)

(A) Cox Cable

(A) Dish Network

32. I would like to know if anyone else in Coweta has a problem with the grade schools? Everyone I've talked to says that Southside is the best one here, if that's the case Coweta has a BIG problem. I want my kids to get the most out of school. If anyone can tell me the best school for supporting the kids and being able to relate well with parents I would greatly appreciate it. (02-2006)

(A) I have 4 children and I have had nothing but problems from the Coweta school system except for Southside. Southside is a wonderful school. Most of my problems have been with the IGC, Jr. high, and bus barn. A lot of the teachers and the assistant principals and principals and both of these schools lack professionalism and they are very poor role models. They are very contradicting. I have gone to Sean McDaniel and he is a great superintendent.

(A) We moved her 5 years ago and I have to say the Coweta Public School system is a joke. I have never seen any school system run the way this one is. I haven't had any kids in the Jr. or Elementary school but I had two in the high school and ended up pulling them out due to the lack of professionalism and common sense of the principal. If I had to put my kids in school again in this district I would drive them to a private school and cut my losses. (06-2006)

(A) I've found all of the administrators in the Coweta system to be very professional and helpful. You might try scheduling a time to visit with the principal at your student's school. You'll also find the names of all of the school board members in your student handbook (or call any school office). Their home phone numbers are listed in the phone book. I don't know if the school office will give you board members phone numbers or not. (06-2006)

(A) Northwest elementary is great!!! (08-2006)

(A) If you ever find a school that has absolutely NO PROBLEMS, I would love to hear about them.  The way I look at it is if your child goes to school and does what they are supposed to do and act the way they are supposed to act, the less you have to gripe about. Yes, there are those few, and I stress few, people who need to move on to different professions, but I hardly think it fair to lump the entire district on one bad situation.  If you have had a child at IGC, and Jr. High I'm assuming they have been there for 2 or more years.  If that is so, the way you state it is you have had nothing but problems.  Yes, something is a problem if there has been nothing but problems for you BECAUSE, that means you have had issues with 20 plus teachers, 10 or more teacher assistants, aids, bus drivers, librarians, and 3-4 administrators.  To have nothing but problems with the district, I have to ask is the problem really in the district?(10-2006)

31. More of a grievance than a question: Our family of 4 moved here 6 months ago to the suburban area behind Southside Elementary. (i.e. all houses are within 50 feet of each other) Only ONE of our neighbors has bothered to take the time out of their busy life to introduce themselves. Is it not customary to make the new neighbors feel welcome by coming and introducing yourself instead of us having to seek you out? Frankly, I find this to be very rude and certainly un-Christian. Am I wrong to feel this way? (02-2006)

(A) Need a email or name to help.

(A) In response to the family that moved here 6 months ago and haven't met their neighbors I can relate. We moved here 5 years ago and it took forever before the neighbors would speak to us, but those are just the ones that live next door or across the street. As for the rest on my little cul-de-sac block we still have neighbors that lived here when we moved in and won't even wave when pass by. Some people are just snobs and others are friendly, whach ya gonna do? Anyway, welcome to Coweta, we aren't all snobs. (06-2006)

30. I have a neighbor that is in desperate need of financial and medical help.  She and her son live in my neighborhood.  She is on disability and her son is in the 7th grade at Coweta Jr. High.  Because she is on SSI and gets child support she doesn't qualify for Medicaid in this screwed up state.  She needs to have 2 procedures done and she could go back to work, which is all she really wants to do.  She is past do on her rent and she doesn't have the money to pay it.  Also, she doesn't have the money to buy any Christmas presents for her son.  Is there any help that she hasn't already tried, she has tried to get help from every where her and I can think of.....can you please help find her help.  I know she would be very grateful and more than happy to pay any money back as soon as the procedures are done.  All she really wants is to go back to work, so she can give her son a decent life but I know how difficult it is for her to survive on what little money she gets.  PLEASE ! find her help and maybe a Christmas for her son.  Thank you.

(A) Need a email or name to help.

(A)  I would love to know how to contact the person in regards to this question. I would be willing to drop off a gift for the 7th grader. Also, I bet there are churches in the area that have people in their congregation that would also help see that they have a Christmas if they were made aware of the situation. I will keep checking the web site to see if I can get a contact on the question.


29. Is there any place giving free flu shots for children anymore this year (2003)?


28. Why is the Coweta Dog Pound Location a Secret? I have tried many times to get the location address, it's not listed in the phone book and no one in Coweta seems to know where it is. The only way to gain access the facility is through a call to the Coweta Police Department. The Dog Catcher has to call you back and take you to the facility. Does this strike ANYONE.

(A) It is because they were having a big problem with people braking in and stealing dogs along with other things. It is know locked 24 hours a day. The only people with keys are animal control and public works. (01-2006)

27. Is Coweta soccer still a big sport?  What about other team sports?  What do the readers think about a sporting goods store in Coweta that caters to team sports? (03-2002)


27. What day is the 2002 Coweta High School Graduation? (02-2002)

(A) High school graduation is May 16, 2002



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