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Past Events


1999 Class Reunion- PLEASE VISIT www.cowetaclassof99.com or contact me via email or phone. Our event is scheduled for June 13th and June 14th 2009. meadows99@wildblue.net  918-640-5662. (11-2008)

Coweta Class of '87 - Plans for our twenty year reunion are moving along very well.  I hope that you will make plans to come to our reunion in June of 2007.  The tentative details are as follows: Saturday, June 9, 7 p.m. - Reunion Banquet at the Renaissance in Tulsa. Sunday, June 10 11a.m. - 4 p.m. - Family Date at Hunter Park in Tulsa. The cost of the reunion banquet is $50 per person. Some of your classmates have already been gracious enough to pay their money so we can begin making deposits.  Other deposit deadlines are quickly approaching.  You would be a great help to the reunion if you could pay today. Please make checks payable to Coweta Class of 1987 and send to: Coweta Class of 1987 P.O. Box 1032 Coweta, OK 74429 There are also a couple of other opportunities for you to visit fellow classmates: Thursday, October 26 at Tiger Field, the Coweta Tigers will celebrate Champions of the 80's Night.  District Champions from the Fall Seasons of 1983, 1984, 1985 and 1986 will be invited to enjoy the game with former coaches, teammates and classmates from the 80's.  I'll have more details to announce soon. June 21-23, 2007 - The Class of '87 is invited to go on a cruise.  Audra is working on the details. We will be sending more formal announcements and information soon.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  You may contact me around town or at our class e-mail account which is coweta87@yahoo.com. Also, register your most current address and e-mail information www.coweta87.com  (09-2006)

Looking For  The Class Of 1987- Looking for Derrick Allen, Joe Apple, Jerry Bohannon, Cheryl Boon, Mike Brooks, Cherie Cole, Steve Crane, Gary Curtis, Bruce Dayton, Darin Draper, Cherie Fairbrother, Keiko Fukui Michael Gray, Craig Griffin, Paul Grimes, Dan Harley, David Harp, Mike Isley, Paul Johnson, Derryl Johnston, Carol Ketteman, Marilyn Knox, Mike Kuenkel, Charlene Lattie, Lena Lewallen, John Maker, Kim Mason, Jeff Merrill, Johnny Miller, Kim Morris, Kelly Morrison, Beth Mullin, Keith Murphy, Masha Noordermeer, Shelli Perryman, Bryan Peterson, Tim Reeder, Joe Reese, Boyd Runnels, Daryl Sackett Lee Stewart, Jeff Terry, Joey Toler, Tammy Toombs, Robert Vanzant, Tina Vargas Damon Vick, Britt Wade, Kevin Watkins, Tim Whitelock, Curtis Williams, Nora Williams. Email Debbie Bryant With Address, Phone Number & E-mail to coweta87@yahoo.com  or Web site Registering Class Of 1987 (Here)(06-2006)

ATTENTION 1995 GRADUATES!!!-We are planning another get-together for June 17, 2006 (an 11 year reunion!). We are trying to collect contact information for our fellow classmates so we can include as many as possible on correspondence relating to the reunion (announcements, etc). Please email me with your contact info (home and email addresses) so that you are kept up-to-date. If you know this information for any other classmates, please let me know that as well. My email is mnegaard@cox.net Thanks, and I hope to see you there! Michelle Negaard (03-2006)


1996 Class reunion- May 20, 2006 at Fin and Feather Resort 8:00am float trip Bus to and from the river (all equipment provided) $20.00 per person will be paid at the bus May 20th Fin and Feather's Great hall 7:00pm Dinner/Reception $20.00 per person R.S.V.P please visit the Fin and Feather website for rooms Feel free to call or write for further questions Green greenve2003@yahoo.com (07-2005)

The 1980 Class Reunion will be held, September 30 & Oct 1, 2005. We need info on all grads. Please email. Doug Denton ddenton@hasletwireless.net (06-2005)


Hey Class of 1995!!!!!!!!!!!!! The reunion plans are up and on the way, I hope all of you will come. Who cares what we look like, and what job we have or how many times you have been married, we just need to reconnect and talk about old times so I hope to see you there!! e-mail me if you want to talk. Later!! Tiger Mascot 94-95 Dana Curtis (Stephenson) Dana-Stephenson@ouhsc.edu (07-2005)

ATTN: Class of 1994...Plans are in the works for the 10 year reunion. It's set for Saturday, August 7th. 10:00-2:00 2004 there will be a Picnic at Haikey Creek Park, 7:00-12:00 there will be a dinner/dance at the Holiday Inn Select in Tulsa. Invitations will go out in June with finalized agenda and price info. If you would like to update your contact information (current address, etc.) and/or assist with the planning, please contact Tracy (Rathbone) Robbins via e-mail scotch0179@aol.com (03-2004)

The Class of 1979 is planning its 25 year class reunion.  The scheduled start date for activities is July 31, 2004.  Please contact Greg Woodward at 918-486-2658 to RSVP, and to update your address for mailings.  You can also write to him at PO Box 88, Coweta, OK, 74429. joe_busbice@cox.net (03-2004)

The CHS classes of 1970-73- are having an informal reunion at the October 17, 2003, football game.  They are going to reserve a section of seating for us, and hopefully, we can meet at a local restaurant after the game.  We need to have an estimate of how many will come so they know how many seats to reserve.  If you think you might be coming, let me know. Abby (Lowrey) Booth e-mail:  abooth74429@yahoo.com (09-2003)

The class of 93 reunion is slated for Sept. 20, 2003. Anyone who wishes to attend needs to e-mail me with their contact information (mailing address, phone #'s, e-mail). Also, if you are still in touch with fellow classmates, inform them of the date and forward their contact info as well. As of right now, all that is planned is the date. If you have any questions, let me know. Larry Staton  larrystaton@hotmail.com (04-2003)

Larry Staton-We are in the process of locating everyone from the class of 93. If you are still in contact with anyone from our class and they wish to attend the reunion, please forward their information to me along with your own. We are looking forward to hearing from you!!! larrystaton@hotmail.com 918-486-2700. (04-2003)

20 Year Class Reunion Class of 1982-We are having our 20 year reunion on July 13, 2002, at Indian Springs Country Club, 16006 East 131st Street, Broken Arrow, Ok, 74011. Anyone needing details can call myself or Lisa Adney Sandella 357-2228 or Eddie Herndon 357-3960. Missing classmates are! Last name first. Booth Bryan, Carver Tommy,  Curl Patty,  Dominey Bruce, Due Sharon,  Ellison Dianne, Fields Michelle, Gardner Pat, Gould Greig, Harris Mike, Hetherington David, Horne Terry,  Ivey Annette, Jackson Bob,  Jones Clarissa,  King Kenny, LeMay Curtis, Lowater Rodney, Manns Kim,  McCurley  Mary Lee,  McDonald Gary,  Meeks Kim,  Menken Sandra, Murphy Sandra, MurrayCheryl, Nealey Judy, Norman Billy, Phillips Teresa,  Porter Judd,  Reamy Joy,  Reed Herman,  Reed Jimmy,  Reeves Shelly, Rippy Angela, Sawyer James,  Schneider Len, Self Jeanne, Simpson Brenda, Sowers Judy,  Sturgeon Dewayne and Vandever Lora.

20 Year Class Reunion Class of 1982 -We are currently seeking all graduates of 1982. We are planning our 20 year reunion and we need your help. If you graduated, or know of someone who did, please have them contact me by phone or e-mail as soon as possible. Thanks, Lisa Adney Sandella Sandella918@msn.com (05-2002)

1992 Class Reunion-We are moving along in the planning of our 1992 10 year class reunion. Following is a list of classmates that we don't have contact information for. If you are one of them or know the whereabouts of anyone listed, please call me at 918-355-1048 ext 119 or email me at talsassy@aol.com Bennie Alderson, Lori Beller-Yazzie, Sherri Bradley, Krista Caffey-Lanter, Mandy Combs, Melissa Crawford, Angela Dunn, Bryan Ebahotubbi, Michelle Edwards, Casey Fingleman, Jimmy Green, Candice Hamilton-Hull, Randia Harper, Lawrence Jackson, Shelley Littlehead, Mike McChristian, Carolina Medina, Ira Miller, Robyn Miller, Joshua Morrison, Melissa Pearson, Dawn Petters, Brandon Potter, Tina Rice, BJ Sills, Alonzo Smith, Tia Steeper, Robbie Stites, Leslie Sutton, Tammy Tennison, Allison Wallis, Anglea Wilkins & Misty Wright. If you are not listed, but do not receive a flyer w/in the next week or so, we may not have you down (There are some classmates that didn't "officially" graduate w/ us, but we still consider them part of our class. We have tried to include all of these but could have possibly left someone out) Thanks for your help! Traci (10-2001)

1992 Class Reunion-We are gathering information for our 1992 Class Reunion. If you know any contact information for fellow classmates, please email them to talsassy@aol.com . We hope to make our Reunion a great success!(09-2001)

Hello Coweta Grad! My name is Rhonda (Weaver) Baker and I need your help.  Peggy Hladik is retiring in December and for her retirement gift the faculty would like to put together a collection of  messages from former Coweta students.  If you could possibly send an email to me with a special message to Mrs. Hladik (include any special event or memory of her that has stuck in your mind through the years) or if you can make a video taped message for her it would be greatly appreciated.  You can email your message to me at: rbaker@coweta.k12.ok.us or you can mail them to me in care of the school:
Rhonda Baker Coweta High School P.O. Box 550 Coweta, OK  74429
A message from you would make a wonderful memory for Mrs. Hladik as she leaves teaching.  Please send by December 3rd so that I will have enough time to get things organized. Thank you for your help! (11-2001)

Class Of 1981 20 Year Reunion: Here is the agenda: Sept 14, 2001 Attend Friday Night football game vs. Wagoner, Sept 15:  11:00 picnic at Roland Park in Coweta, Sept 15:  7:00 dinner at Bourbon Street Café - 82nd Lewis (must rsvp) Contact:  Kelly Denton-McDonald 26655 E. 150th St. South Coweta, OK  74429 918-279-9608 email:  mcdonaldkelly@msn.com Please pass info onto anybody that you know. We have had lots of the original letters returned for improper address. (08-2001)

Class of 1980 seeks missing classmates-Plans are now underway for the Coweta High School Class of 1980’s 20th reunion in June. While many classmates know of the reunion, several still cannot be located. Missing are David Breshears, Barbara Busbise, Marvin Baucom, Lynda Burnett, Terry Coppage, Laura Cosby, L.C. Cook, Patricia Cook, Shaye Davis, Tammy Elliott and Mike Foster. Also, Keith Herndon, Rhonda Howard, Verna Johnson, Vernon Londigan, Sharon Mason, Bryan Moon, Randy Moyer, Jocelyn Phillips, Susan Rippy, Cindy Slaton, Pat Smith, Carol Thomas, Valinda Welch and Linda Wilson. The 1980 Class Reunion is being organized by Doug Denton and Towana Morton To report the whereabouts of these graduates, call or e-mail  Doug or Towana. Call Doug at (918)486-2411 or e-mail Douglas.Denton@BNSF.com & Towana Morton phone: (918)486-2101,  mailing address P.O. Box 194 Coweta, OK  74429 & e-mail address is  tmorton2@aol.com

Classmates Sought For Reunion-The Coweta High School Class of  1990 will hold its 10 year reunion July 29, 2000 in Tulsa. As the event is in its early planning stages, organizers are trying to contact missing classmates through their families and friends. Those whose whereabouts are unknown include Noelle (Anderson) Robertson, Glenn Biggs, Larry Black, Larry Booth, Crystal Carriger, Amy Coldwell, Preston Foster, Rob Goshen, Jeff Gullion, Kenneth Hampton, Robert Kirby, Kyle Hill, Janet Johnson, Bruce Dwayne Jones, Lori Lay, Toeper Magby, Kevin Marler and J.J. McDuffie. Others are Fred McMillen, Jessica Moran, Keith Morris, Delano Ogans, Stephen Peterson, Leslie Rosamond, Sunrise (Tiger) Ross, Calvin Shirley, Dana (Smith) Potter, Chris Spears, Tiffany Stidman, Mike Tillman, Laura Vanzant, Jeff Vaughn, Gary Williams and Marty Wray.To report the location of these former Coweta Students, Contact Angie (Walker) Vernon at (918)247-6494 or Jennifer Privette at (918)744-9652.

To Add A Event E-mail to eventsclass@cowetaok.com or Fax (918) 279-9052



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