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Class of 1996

Class president- Vicky Green

Vice-president- Kasey Keeler

Treasurer- Bryan King

Secretary- Michal Adams

Reporter- Shawn Sheridan

Brandon Abel

Jimmy Ahrens

Joey Allen

Matthew Arnold

Kendrick Bailey

Michael Baker

Jeaneau Batson

Samuel Berger

Ernie Bindrum

Jessica Blair

Angela Bolen

Ronna Brashear

Rondell Brown

Stephanie Brown

Charles Bryant

Jeremy Butler

Brandi Caffey

Jeremy Catcher

Kenya Chavez

Jessie Chrisman

April Clawson

Jennifer Clayton

Skylar Combs

Nonya Crawford

Leila Curry

Randy Curry

Chasity Curtis

Butch D'Alesandro

Casey Davidson

Greg Dillard

Andrea Dorsey

Curtis Douglas

Charlie Edwards

Amanda Epperson

Geoffery Evans

Courtnee Foster

Gregory Foster

Dustin Fritts

Jimmie Gainer

Lowell Gilbert

Tammie Gilstrap

Trevor Goodson

Larry Green

Jeremy Griffith

Jamie Hall

Sandy Hardgrove

Justin Hargrove

Robert Harris

Cindy Haynes

Russell Heck

Sheri Helsley

Brandy Helton

Crystal Higgins

Lisa Houston

Zach Houx

Jason Howard

Kerry Hughey

Devin Hurst

Johnathan Hutson

Jason Janes

Elizabeth Jordan

Seth Karnes

 Jacob Keck

Quincey Keeler

Kristen Kelly

Kaylynn Keys

Derrick Lang

Nicholas Lenard

Ryan Lewis

Dana Looper

Shelly Love

Ashley Lowrey

Dwayne Martin

Jeffrey Massey

Lori Meadows

Tatum Messick

Jessica Miller

Kelsey Moody

Davy Moore

Jeff Mowery

Tommy Neal

Adam Nooner

B.J. Peterson

Tony Phipps

Amber Pool

Shay Potter

Amy Pritchard

Cora Rathbone

Les Reed

Aaron Remis

Barry Rice

Carmel Rider

Rebecca Rogers

Shelby Ross

Barry Shauffler

David Seals

Angie Shackelford

Crystal Shieldnight

Recole Shrum

Jason Sills

Matt Sims

Jason Smith

Timothy Smith

Steve Smittle

Jason Snelson

Kerry Stach

Jennifer Stehm-Thompson

Brandy Stelling

Shelley Stone

Sara Strahan

Tonyah Sturgeon

Lonnie Swarer

Caney Tennison

Jamie Tennison

Amber Thomas

Ronnie Thomas

Mamie Thompson

Mynde Waddle

Stephanie Walker

Shane Ward

Wesley Warren

Crystal Weible

Michael Wheat

Alicia Wilson

Chanda Wilson

Kretia Withers

Stephen Wolfe


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